Should we elope? Navigating weddings in 2021

why you should elope

A comprehensive guide on deciding wether to elope or to choose another non-traditional wedding option.

I am sure I am not alone with being glad that 2020 has come to an end and somehow we are already in February! I know many couples planning weddings for 2021/2022 are constantly thinking when all of these restrictions are going to be lifted so the joy that comes with planning a wedding can be fully renewed.

I truly wish I could look into the future and give you all of the answers as you go into the next few years planning your wedding. You may start considering some alternatives to the traditional wedding, so I am going to list some options for a non-traditional wedding that may be the perfect fit for you and your fiancé.

What is an Elopement and why should I Elope?

What comes to mind when you think of an elopement? Maybe adventuring in the Mountains of Colorado or running off to a resort in Mexico to get married. While these are common they are not the only places you can elope. In fact – you can elope literally anywhere! You can have your elopement at the courthouse, in your backyard, or at a location that is meaningful to you and your fiancé.

Should we elope

With most elopements, there are often little or no guests in attendance except for an officiant and a photographer (who can also double as your witness). If there are guests there are typically no more than 20 in attendance. You should consider eloping if you are looking for a way to save some money while having your wedding day focused entirely on you. Elopements tend to be a less expensive option than the traditional wedding and they can be tailored to your personalities and interests (if you like climbing mountains, let’s go climb a mountain and get the most gorgeous elopement photos in your favorite scenery). Another perk is that it’s a more intimate option – the day is completely about you two and can look however you want it to. As with every option, there is no perfect scenario and there will be pros & cons. At the end of the day, your wedding should reflect the kind of couple that you are!

should we elope or have a micro-wedding

What is an Intimate wedding/Micro-Wedding and should I cut my guest list?

why you should elope

Something that has gained popularity with the current state of the world is Micro-weddings! I like to think of these weddings as condensed versions of a traditional wedding. Likely you are still having the same ceremony and reception locations but instead of those soaring 200+ guest lists, they have been cut to about fifty. This means that you can invite 50 of your closest friends and family members without having to hurt your second cousin’s great-aunt’s feelings. I love these because instead of running around to thirty tables you are able to celebrate with those closest to you. It is also easier on your wedding budget. Instead of spreading your budget to over 200+ guests you can increase your budget and splurge on some more luxury items such as florals, paper goods, and entertainment. In my opinion, Intimate weddings and Micro-weddings are here to stay and are going to continue to be a trend long after the world returns to normal.

What is a Minimony and why has it suddenly become popular?

why you should elope

Another popular way that couples are approaching their wedding days is what’s called a Minimony. A Minimony differs from an intimate wedding/Micro Wedding because a Minimony is essentially just a smaller intimate ceremony with the plan to have a larger traditional wedding at a later date when Covid restrictions are lifted. This is popular because many couples do not what to give up their larger traditional weddings but also do not want to wait to get married. This allows them to get married as originally planned and plan the party for a later date to celebrate with all of their friends and family. If you want to learn more about Minimonys head to this resource to get some more insight!

The past year has thrown a wrench in the traditional wedding planning process which is why we are seeing the prominence of all of these different types of weddings. What works for one couple may not work for another. At the end of the day this is your wedding. The day should reflect who you are and honor your relationship. This is a personal decision that no one can make for you and whatever decision you make will be the best for you. We’re here to support & celebrate you, no matter what your wedding day looks like.

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