We met on the first day, in the first class of art school. Now we have been together for 1/3 of our lives. When you meet someone that young, your roots grow deep and toward each other. We were married in the backyard Kasey grew up in, under a tree he planted when he was 8. 

On our one year wedding anniversary, we had an important conversation about things we loved: each other, photography, caring for others, and travel. We also talked about what a great team we make: we can basically read each other's minds, have complete trust in one another's abilities, and our individual strengths complement the other. Drzazga Photo began by the end of the conversation.

How to pronounce our name: Draws-guh.

Meet Carly & Kasey Drzazga


Hey there, I'm Kasey. As an Emmy award-winning cinematographer, I've had the privilege of traveling the world and capturing incredible stories through documentaries, short films, and music videos. Working in unique environments and connecting with amazing people has made me adaptable and confident working with people in different situations and locations, and these experiences have taught me that it doesn’t matter who you are – your story is important and deserves to be told.

At weddings, I pride myself on being efficient, technical, and professional at capturing moments seamlessly, and I’m always one step ahead, prepared with backup cameras, audio setup, and extra lighting to ensure that every moment is captured perfectly! What I love most about my job is the ability to step into someone's life and tell their unique story in an authentic way, and I can’t wait to tell yours!

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Fun fact: I used to be a trauma ICU nurse. I’m talking a large metro hospital and a lot of intense situations daily. That experience helped me cultivate my adaptability, advocacy, and empathy, which means I think quick on my feet, your happiness is my top priority, I’m a perfectionist at heart; and above all I care!

My experience seeing the highs and lows on some of the worst days of people's lives has given me a front row seat to how precious life is. And when I photograph, I know how valuable every moment is - every hug, every dance, every hand hold, and every giggle. So, whether or not you realize it today, I know that capturing these moments will mean so very much in your future. These aren’t just beautiful photos and videos of your wedding day; they are an incredible archive of you, your loved ones, and the love you all share that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

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These two made us feel like a million bucks. It was comfortable, it was familiar, it was so-much-fun. Fast forward to our wedding, it was like seeing long-distance friends. Thank you for graciously dealing with our crazy family, thank you for being a great support system for us on the wedding day, and thank you for creating magic through pictures that we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives.

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